Partial list of past presentation topics:

  • Launching Neuro-diverse Adolescents: Just to survive early on in life, children on the autistic spectrum require extensive guidance and scaffolding. But as adolescence approaches, parents need to adapt their roles to foster greater independence.
  • Disney & Life Animated: Families Using Affinities to Improve Social Skills and Beyond With Spectrum Kids
  • Right Stuff Parenting : Free Range, Helicoptors, Lions, Tigers and Bears
  • What Parenting Classes Don’t Teach
  • Enlisting Siblings and Older Peer Coaches to Enhance Social Skills With Kids on the Autistic Spectrum
  • Helicopter Correctly: If you are going to hover, pick the right targets. By protecting this, you are missing that. What is most important and why does it seem otherwise? Rather than focus on promoting cognitive abilities, our focus should be on the building blocks of “character.”
  • Why are we so bad at being able to predict what is really going to make us happy?
  • What makes us strangers to ourselves and what can we do about it? What if we do really meet ourselves and find out we are disappointed?
  • How can you tell when a scientist is not being scientific?

“He is a brilliant, thoughtful, witty and creative teacher, who is able to bring the subject matter alive, and create an evocative experiential learning atmosphere which in turn promotes a self-directed learning style.”

Peter Daniolos, MD
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Training Director 2003-10
Children’s National Medical Center
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, The GWU School of Medicine